7 reasons why you need a Graphic Designer in your company

15 March, 2016 Graphics 0 Comments

People tend to make weird things sometimes, such as thinking they save money, when in fact, in the long run, they lose a lot. This is the case with the stubborn entrepreneurs and managers who forget they do not earn money for their creative skills, and insist on sharpening their creativity on the company’s image. Yes, sometimes graphic designers can be expensive, and you will save some money by doing it yourself in PowerPoint but you will lose so much more. It’s like insisting on making your own suit, although you are not a tailor.

There is also the option of buying something online, or hiring an so called expert from freelancer.com or other freelancing websites. The problem with these designs is that they look good. Period. Now don’t get me wrong, a good design has to look good, but on the list of the most important things about a visual identity, logo, or any product designed, looking good is definitely not the first one. Sending a message to the target group or looking consistent with other elements you have in your identity is far more important. You pay between 10-50$ for a logo, and you will get the option to choose from multiple designs. Some of them are really good, but since you’re not an expert you will most likely choose wrong.

Therefore, save yourself from the trouble and hire a professional to do the job. Here are 7 good reasons why it is in your advantage to hire a professional graphic designer for your company:


  1. Save time

As we all know, doing a good work takes a lot of time. You are a busy man. You have to answer phones all day and go on meetings and do stuff… You don’t have time to play with colors and lines. Take your time for the things that are important and need your presence.


  1. Get your message across

It is so simple. You want to stand out from the crowd? Do things differently. Hire a designer to build you an identity that will remain in the potential customer’s mind. They will remember it the days after, and probably even after years.


  1. Look professional

A good designer is master at giving you the best image possible. Imagine your business like a person. Now the design is the image that person shows. How is that person dressed? How is the hair? The grooming, or the makeup if it’s a woman. How does the smile look like? Would you be proud to put that on a stage and tell the world that it is your company?


  1. Expand your business

You just realized that you have made a big mistake with the company’s visual identity and you are planning to expand? No problem. This is the perfect opportunity for an upgrade. Take this chance to make your company stand out more than ever. Give it some attitude!


  1. There are rules you don’t know

If you want to make everything on your own you will most likely miss many things. There is a reason why there is an entire education meant for designers. There are certain rules that should not be broken if you wish to get the desired result. To learn all the rules it takes dedication and time, which we just discussed that you don’t have.


  1. It’s not only about the looks

Like I said. A good design is not something that only looks good. Every design has a purpose. Maybe it is to attract more clients. Maybe it is to send a message. What kind of message? That your company gives excellent services, that is affordable? All these information can be sent through a few design elements. It’s not only about looking good.


  1. New and creative ideas

No matter how good and creative you are, and how many good grades you got to the drawing class in high school, you still will be far behind from the people that do this for a living. A designer will come with creative solutions for all your problems. Give them a chance to show you what they got.