We don’t create designs, we create experiences…

1 March, 2016 Inspiration 0 Comments

What do you feel when you see this picture? I’m pretty sure I would do anything to put my hands on that dessert, especially since a lot of time had passed since dinner.

Let me assume I grabbed your attention and spend a few minutes of your time explaining more in depth about the way we work and why our strategies work so well.

Design isn’t all about fancy colors and looking nice. It’s a lot more than that. Design is a powerful tool which few know how to use. It has the power of manipulating human brain, in ways none of us can imagine.

What do you feel when you see this desert? I didn’t ask you how does the desert look like. You will definitely say, it looks great. I just asked you how do you feel when you look at it? Chances are that if you haven’t ate anything in the past few hours you will think about the same thing I do. Where can I buy it from? But how can you want it, since you don’t even know how it tastes like? What makes you want it?

Let me reveal the actual truth for you. You want that desert because the picture is able to give you an experience. The experience of almost tasting it. It looks so good in the picture that you can already feel the taste of it. But that doesn’t mean that any picture with that desert will give you the same feeling. If some random person would take a picture of the same desert with their phone, what would be your reaction when I would ask you how does the desert look like? You will probably say the same. It looks great! But you wouldn’t feel like you would pay a lot for it.

That’s the power of great design. It sends a message. It sends an experience. You feel something when you see it. And a great designer is the one who can manipulate the design in such a way that it will give a certain experience to specific people.

Just remember, behind every beautifully designed brand, there is a well laid out strategy.